Yearly Events

Nosegawa Park Cherry Blossom Festival Second Sunday of April  Takes place in Nosegawa Park. Enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom and the sparkling surface of the river while riding in a traditional Japanese boat (wasen)
 Historical Highway Event “Kurikara Dream Road”  Late April  In the spirit of the Genpei battle that took place at Kurikara, a giant tug-of-war competition takes place between residents of Tsubata in Ishikawa Prefecture and the neighboring town of Oyabe in Toyama Prefecture. Participants can then join a procession of warriors as they descend the Hokuriku Road under blooming Yaezakura cherry trees
 Kurikara-san Yaezakura Festival  April 28 – May 5  Approximately 3000 Yaezakura cherry trees bloom in the Kurikara hills each year from late April through early May
 Prefectural Green Festival  April 29  Activities include recycling thinned trees to make toys and accessories, and distributing saplings throughout the park. Won’t you join us for a refreshing day of activity among the new green of Shinrin Forest Park
 Ootaki Nagashi Soumen  July 20 – August 32  Kinokubo Ootaki, Tsubata’s largest waterfall, is located in Kinokubo in the Kawaidani area. During the summer, come here to enjoy nagashi soumen, an eating style where people catch and eat somen noodles with their chopsticks as they run down a stream of water
 Tsubata Townspeople Hassaku Festival  The Saturday nearest to August 1st  This summer festival relies on the participation of townspeople, who come to take part in regional odorinagashi dancing,  nakizumou (“crying sumo” – the traditional practice of enticing babies to cry over a sumo ring). There are various booths, as well as a flea market. Participants can enjoy sparklers and fireworks at the end of the night market. Participants can enjoy sparklers and fireworks at the end of the night
 National Invitational Sumo Competition  The Sunday nearest to August 1st  24 veteran non-professional sumo wrestling teams from across the nation. For sumo fans, this chance to watch the wrestlers’ power and technique is not to be missed.
 Tsubata Regatta Competition  Late August  Why not gather a team to glide through the waters of the number one boat course on this coast?
 Tsubata Four-Towns Shishi Dance  Mid September  Four groups of shishi dancers from Tsubata Area, Shimizu Area, Sho Area and Kagatsume Area come together for a courageous competition.