International Exchange

International Events

There are a number of internationally-themed events that take place in Tsubata throughout the year, aimed at different ages and people of different interests. Some of our regular events are listed below. If you would like to hear more about upcoming events, or if you have a fun idea for a new event, please write to

  •  International Exchange Salons
    These casual events aim to bring together people from all over the world who are currently residing in Tsubata and the surrounding area. They are held throughout the year and have a variety of themes. For example, in the spring, we will go to a bamboo forest to dig for bamboo shoots, and enjoy a meal of bamboo themed dishes afterward. In January, we will host a New Year’s Party with snacks and seasonal games. We hope that you will join us in any of these events!

  • Halloween Party
    This party is held every year in October for elementary school students living in Tsubata. Children dress in costumes and enjoy Halloween-themed games and activities with ALTs, CIRs and other volunteers from around Ishikawa Prefecture.

  • Chikyujin Kouza
    This is a lecture series hosted by the Tsubata CIR. Speakers include CIRs and other foreign residents of Ishikawa, as well as other residents involved in international activities. The lectures are held in Japanese, but anyone is welcome to participate. We are always on the lookout for new speakers. If you are interested in giving a speech on any topic related to international cultural exchange, please e-mail

Japanese Language Café

    Japanese Language Café is a place where Tsubata residents from all over the world can get together for casual conversation, snacks and Japanese practice. If you would like to practice speaking Japanese, or if you are looking for someone to have a casual chat with in English, please join us! We hope to foster friendships between neighbors of all nationalities. Japanese language ability is not necessary.
    Japanese Language Café will be held once a month. For more information on the next date, please check this webpage or contact


Are you interested in getting involved in the Tsubata community? We could use your help! Tsubata hosts multiple international exchange events throughout the year, and we are always looking for extra hands.
If you like planning events or have suggestions which can help Tsubata to become a more foreigner-friendly place, join our International Circle, “Little Earth Tsubata.” The members of the circle hold regular meetings once every month.

Meet the Coordinator of International Relations (CIR)

Hello everyone, nice to meet you! My name is Yoshimi Nakamura, and I am Tsubata Town’s Coordinator of International Relations (CIR) since July 27, 2016. My name and appearance are Japanese, but I am a second generation Japanese American from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I grew up in America with Japanese culture from when I was very young, but this is my first time living in Japan. My college major is Film and Video production with a focus on Traditional Animation, and before coming to Tsubata I’ve worked as a freelance video editor and animator.

As the town CIR I have many jobs – to name a few, I make monthly visits to the local public preschools, write articles for the local magazine, work at the library on Wednesday, and plan various events for young children and adults. For children, the events are opportunities to expose them to English and western culture at an early age, with the Halloween Party in October being the biggest event. For adults, there are more casual events such as lectures on various international topics at “Chikyuujin Kouza,” and an informal conversational event “NIhongo Café” that offers Japanese and English communication between native speakers and foreigners of both languages.

If you are interested in international exchange, or any of our events, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are always looking for more participants and volunteers, and it’s always exciting to meet new people.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you as Tsubata’s Coordinator of International Relations!