Trash Separation and Disposal

2018 Fiscal Year Household Garbage Calendar
(April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019)
Non-Burnable Garbage Burnable Garbage Recyclables Oversized Garbage
A1 Tsubata Area
Shimizu(清水), Sho(庄), Kagatsume (加賀爪), Yokohama (横浜)

Third Friday of every month

May 25,June 22

Every Monday and Thursday

Garbage will be collected on holidays.

Trash will not be collected May 3 - May 5 or December 31 – January 3

First Wednesday of every month

January 9

Third Wednesday of every month

Kasatani Area
Suginose (杉瀬), Kurami (倉見), Taya (田屋), Iwasaki (岩崎), Shichikuro (七黒), Torigoe (鳥越), Yamakita (山北), Rengeji (蓮花寺), Miyata (宮田), Toriyao (鳥屋尾), Oobatake (大畠), Azamidani (莇谷), Kasaikegahara (笠池ケ原), Hikohtaroubatake (彦太郎畠), Yoshikura (吉倉), Ichinotani (市谷)
A2 Tsubata Area
Tsubata (津幡), Midorigaoka (緑が丘)

Fourth Friday of every month

June 1,June 29

Kurikara Area
Takehashi (竹橋), Tomita (富田), Kariyasu (刈安), Ecchuzaka (越中坂),Sakado(坂戸), Uwano (上野), Kawachi (河内), Tsutzuraori (九折), Kurikara (倶利伽羅), Yamamori (山森), Hara (原), Shichino (七野), Higashiaraya (東荒屋), Myoujin (明神), Inokawachi (井野河内), Ootsubo (大坪), Bessho (別所), Shimo Fujimata (下藤又), Keshou (仮生), Zaimoku (材木), Shimonaka (下中), Asahibata (朝日畑), Aikubo (相窪), Minami Yokone (南横根), Kita Yokone (北横根), Ookubo (大窪), Kami Fujimata (上藤又), Shoutoku (常徳), Funeo (舟尾), Asahiyama (旭山)
B1 Chuujou Area
Minami Chuujou (南中条), Kita Chuujou (北中条), Oota (太田), Katabata (潟端), Asanda (浅田), Asantani (浅谷)

First Saturday of every month

May 12,June 22

Every Tuesday and Friday

Garbage will be collected on holidays.

Trash will not be collected May 3 - May 5 or December 31 – January 3

Second Wednesday of every month

Fourth Wednesday of every month

B2 Inoue Area
Kawashiri (川尻), Nakabashi (中橋), Gotanda (五反田), Nakasuka (中須加), Inoue no Sho (井上の荘)

Third Saturday of every month

Agata Area
Funabashi (舟橋), Kamo (加茂), Nose (能瀬), Ryouke (領家), Yachi (谷内), Mikado (御門), Mikado Demachi (御門出町), Shimo Yata (下矢田), Kami Yata (上矢田), Nakayama (中山), Tane (種), Konma (小熊), Ikegahara (池ケ原), Kyoutzu (興津), Bodaiji (菩提寺), Hirano (平野)
Kawaidani Area
Kami Oota (上大田), Shimo Kawai (下河合), Kami Kawai (上河合), Uryuu (瓜生), Ushikubi (牛首), Kinokubo (木窪)
Kasatani Area
Onma (大熊), Hachinotani (八ノ谷)

Burnable Garbage

Collected twice a week  (However, garbage will not be collected from May 3 through May 5, or from December 31 through January 3.)
Start Time

・ 6:00 a.m. on collection day
How to dispose of burnable garbage
・ Put your household garbage in a designated green “Household Burnable Garbage Bag” (家庭系もえるごみ袋). Place the bag at your area’s collection site no later than 6:00 a.m.
* Burnable garbage will not be collected if the bag contains non-burnable items. Please don’t put any metal items in with burnable garbage. On garbage day, always put burnable garbage at the designated site by 6:00 a.m.
* Please cut long items into lengths of no more than 50 cm.


Raw Garbage   Food scraps, leftover food, fruit and vegetable peels, tea dregs
 Greenery and Wood  Brush trimmings, fallen leaves, flowers, house plants, blocks
 Paper  Scrap paper, tissue paper, cigarette butts, disposable diapers, vinyl-coated paper, carbon paper
 Cloth Scraps  
Used clothes, curtains, stuffed toys
 Leather and Rubber  
Belts, gloves, bags, backpacks, shoes, rubber boots, softballs
 Plastic  Plastic items, planters, packing materials, video or cassette tapes, cards
 Other  Fireworks, disposable lighters, CDs, floppy discs

Non-Burnable Garbage

Collected once a week (However, garbage will not be collected from May 3 through May 5, or from December 31 through January 3.)
Start Time
・ 6:00 a.m. on collection day
How to dispose of non-burnable garbage:
Please put non-burnable garbage at the collection site no later than 6:00 a.m. on collection day.
* Items that weigh more than 20 kilograms, or are greater than 1 m × 50 cm × 50 cm, will not be collected.


Metal   Electronic toys, gas stoves, pots, space heaters, razor blades, tricycles, 18-liter square cans, cooking oil cans, umbrellas
Glass  Lightbulbs, crystal, glass panes, perfume bottles, cooking oil bottles
 Ceramics  Teapots, plates, flower pots, vases
 Small electric appliances  Hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, electric water pots, fans, portable stereos, video decks, microwaves
 Other  Shells, broken fluorescent bulbs, disposable pocket warmer, electric thermometers, golf bags, litter box filler

Recyclable Items

Collected once a month (However, garbage will not be collected from May 3 through May 5, or from December 31 through January 3.)
Start Time
・ 6:00 a.m. on collection day
How to dispose of recyclable items
Recyclables are collected at designated stations. Please be familiar with the recycle station in your area.

PET bottles (plastic bottles) and glass bottles
1. Empty bottle.
2. Remove cap and label.
3. Wash with water.

1. Empty can.
2. Wash with water.
3. Separate aluminum and steel cans.

Plastic containers and packaging
1. Empty plastic container or package.
2. Wash with water.
3. Remove any caps or labels.

Paper cartons (for milk or juice)
1. Empty carton.
2. Wash with water.
3. Cut open, so that carton lays flat.
4. Dry.
5. Tie or otherwise collect cartons together.

Fluorescent lights, batteries, thermometers, mirrors
Please place in designated containers at the collection station.

Oversized Garbage

Collected once a month

What is oversized garbage?
・ Items to large to be collected as burnable or non-burnable garbage
・ Measures less than:  Height × Width × Depth = 2m × 2m × 2m
・ Weighs less than 80 kilograms
Any household item which meets the above requirements is considered oversized garbage.

Oversized garbage can be disposed of in any of the following ways.
(Please note that each method is subject to fees.)
1. Buy an Oversized Garbage Collection Ticket (sodai gomi shori ken / 粗大(そだい)ごみ処理券(しょりけん)) and have the item(s) collected. (Advanced reservation required)
2. Bring oversized items to Clean Center Ecora Recycle Plaza (クリーンセンター「エコラ」・リサイクルプラザ).
3. Contact a Waste Collection Professional.

How to Use an Oversized Garbage Collection Ticket
1. Call the Oversized Garbage Individual Collection Registration Center to make a reservation.
0120-5387-557 (toll-free)
2. Communicate necessary information
By phone: Please give your address, name, phone number, description/quantity of oversized item(s) to be collected, and the location where collection will take place.
3. Buy one Oversized Garbage Collection Ticket (1 ticket is 800 yen) per item to be collected.
4. Put the collection ticket out with the oversized item at collection site on the designated day.

Used paper and magazines

Collected several times throughout the year (collection dates and times vary by area)
 Paper and magazines are also collected at Tsubata Reco, the recycle center in the parking lot of Tsubata Town Hall.

How to dispose of used paper items
Newspaper: Tie together with paper string, or collect in a paper bag.
 Please remove any fliers.
Magazines and Catalogues: Any used paper product that does not fall into one of the following categories: newspaper, cardboard, drink cartons.
Cardboard: Please remove any staples or other metal before disposal.

Used Clothing

Collected approximately twice a month by Kahoku-gun Area Clerical Association.
 Also collected year round at Tsubata Reco, the recycle center in the parking lot of Tsubata Town Hall.
Collected Items: used clothes not made of vinyl or leather
* Other items (i.e. futons, blankets, curtains, cushions) will not be collected.

Recycle Eco Station Tsubata Reco

Recycle Eco Station Tsubata Reco, located in the rear parking lot of Tsubata Town Hall, aims to support diversified lifestyles and further the promotion of recycling.

○ Facility Information
    ・Location    Tsubata Town Hall parking lot (next to the entrance nearest the fire station)
    ・Operating Time    24 hours a day
    ・Holidays    New Year’s Holiday, and in case of inclement weather
○ Items collected

Plastic Containers and Packaging

These items are collected by the town once a month.


Empty Cans (aluminum, steel, spray cans)
Glass (brown, clear, other)
PET Bottles
Batteries, Fluorescent Lights
Mercury Thermometers, Mirrors
Paper Cartons (as for milk, juice, etc)
Cooking Oil
PET Bottle Caps
Newspaper, Magazines, Scrap Paper, Cardboard

Only collected at this facility.

Used Clothes (excluding vinyl and leather)

○ Precautions and Prohibitions
■ Tsubata Reco is a recycling facility. It is not a garbage collection site. Please don’t bring any items not listed above – such as “burnable garbage, glass, metal, or other “non-burnable” garbage – to Tsubata Reco.

■ Under no conditions can any items be left at Tsubata Reco during a holiday. Such illegal dumping can lead to garbage scattering or fire.

■ Please park you vehicle in a designated parking space. Do not park in the roadway.

■ Please don’t bring any soiled items.

■ Please don’t bring waste from companies or private businesses.

■ In the event that an individual brings items to Tsubata Reco which are not eligible for collection or violate facility rules, the items will be inspected, and the individual will be directly instructed.
* In this case, the items in question will be returned. Please follow the rules when disposing of items.

■Separation and Disposal of Domestic Waste